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Car Insurance UK Supermarket investigates the companies behind the brands:
Insure The Box

An overview of UK car insurance

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UK Car Insurance Providers Overview: Insure The Box

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Who are Insure The Box?

Insure The Box Ltd run their own car insurance brand: Insurethebox.

Insure The Box Limited are based in Gibralter, as is the case with many UK insurance intermediaries, various administrative and claims functions are carried out on behalf of Insure The Box Limited by ITB Services Limited in this country.

Like the popular Co-op young driver policy (link below) that can save under-25s hundreds, Insure The Box uses telematics monitoring of the driving style to determine the appropriate premium. It also rewards lower mileage drivers with lower premiums.

As the cost of car insurance continues to soar, this, along with the high cost of fuel, has the effect that many young drivers can no longer afford to run a car.

Telematics is one way to reduce car insurance costs for those drivers that are willing to limit their mileage and drive safely.

To, for example, see which price comparison sites the above-listed Insurethebox brand(s) work with, check out the following:

Insurethebox Car Insurance

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