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Car Insurance UK Supermarket investigates the companies behind the brands:

An overview of UK car insurance

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UK Car Insurance Providers Overview: UKAIS

The most popular car insurance outlets on this site are listed to the right. These include price comparison sites (at the top) and major car insurance brands (right). If you wish to get your motor insurance cover arranged quickly, you may wish to do as most do on this site and select from these.

Who are UKAIS?

UKAIS run the car insurance brands: American Express, Auto Direct, Done Deal, John Lewis, Kwik-Fit (for several Kwik Fit brands), Vauxhall.

The (UK) insurance intermediary Ageas Insurance Solutions (UKAIS Ltd) which was known previously as Fortis UK, is a well-established UK insurance company.

The UKAIS reasons behind their name change were like this: "Ageas represents our 186 year history and where we want to be in the future. The 'Ag' refers to the name of our parent Belgian company founded in 1824. The 'eas' refers to our core markets in Europe and Asia."

UKAIS are a major insurance intermediary that has been finding UK motorists cheap cover for decades. They act as an insurance intermediary for several top brands, indicative of their quality service and value for money.

It will be reassuring to many drivers that UKAIS, with its strong pedigree, is behind their own car insurance policy.

To, for example, see which price comparison sites the above-listed UKAIS brand(s) work with, check out the following:

 American Express Car Insurance | Auto Direct Car Insurance | Done Deal Car Insurance | John Lewis Car Insurance | Kwik-Fit - click Kwik-Fit (above) for Kwik Fit brands | Vauxhall Car Insurance

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